About Us

The Great Patriot is an online store where you can find Americana products in a secure and easy to use site with fast shipping. We take pride in selecting quality products and are dedicated to translate that same quality to you as quickly as possible.

We offer unique products and site features that are exclusive to The Great Patriot, such as Build A Flag & Wall of Great Patriots, that make us stand out among the rest! 

As a young twenty something woman, patriotism has always been a strong influence throughout my life. Moving multiple times growing up allowed me to experience different American cultures. I found that the diversity of America is what unifies us as one nation.

I wanted to channel my patriotism and create a fresh take on products that express true Americana.

Being from a supportive military family, I’ve always had a strong passion for my country and the individuals serving to protect the values I have come to deeply cherish over the years.  I felt it was essential that The Great Patriot incorporate military products as a part of its product line.

The Great Patriot sends a sincere thank you to all the troops who have served and are serving in the military. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. 

The Great Patriot’s product line evolved from military and patriotic products to retro styled tin signs and home décor pieces.  It’s essential to feature a variety of products that each customer can identify with. This plays a large role in the product selection process. The goal of our product line is not only to have items sell, but to have customers stop surfing the web and stay awhile.

I hope you gain more than just your typical online shopping experience, but an engaging and entertaining one where you can truly identify with The Great Patriot. 


Sarah Ferguson